Tuesday, June 9, 2009
5:40 PM
GENTING - KL - MELAKA holiday trip wif SRI WARISAN Familia.....

its been so long since i ever had a holiday,
due to tight and busy schedule.
and so glad that they organise this trip together wif the other full timers
and student members,
though it can be considered a short trip.
went there from 31st May - 2nd june.

So we startED off heading our first destination to GENTING HIGHLANDS On the 1st day.]
checked-in to hotel FIRST WORLD.

and the next morning,we checked out and head on to KL.
Check in HOTEL ANCASA....
dat evening,we had our dinner over @MEDAN MARA ,juz beside SOGO.

tHE Next morning,after we checked out...
we had our breakfast in the hotel before proceeding to MELAKA.
Had a lil' bit of shopping over at THE MEGAMALL,
before heading back to SINGAPORE..... WOoohooo!!

Monday, June 8, 2009
4:27 PM
Random "meet up" sessionz....

Finally im back..
wif much much more updates!
seeif i could fit in all the entries at one go.
see if my 'malasgiler' momento doesn't hit me!

starting wif those meet ups wif the 'mukaselamba' peepz!
y called them 'mukaselamba'?
sbb dorg mmg muka selamba je! betul punye very 'sardine' je. hah!
and all started wif MUSTAFA CENTRE & AIRPORT outing....

And moving on to TEATER KAMI's production
"DUE-POO-LOH-SEIN" @Teater kami's blackbox studio.
Fir bought the tix and off we went to watch the 3pm show.

Right after training dat one fine day,met up wif them again.
for late dinner since i was so so hungry!
boleh makan org seh ni!! hah!
and off to to arab street aftr dat.

and aftr a hectic week, we had an opportunity to release our stress in kallang waterfront! it was fir's idea...since he had his filming there for 'Ejen cinta'.


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